Residential and Commercial Awnings - Rochester, MN

Lifestyle Improvements, Not Home Improvements

Your Personal Oasis Right In Your Own Backyard
At Zimprovements, we know your home is your oasis; that’s why we offer many styles of awnings and shade products to expand and enhance your outdoor living space.

Our awnings and shade products:

  • Protect you from the elements on-demand
  • Allow you to enjoy the sun when you want it
  • Provide shade when you need it
  • Block only the rain and sun
  • Require no bulky poles for support
  • Never obstruct your view

Your outdoor living space is one-of-a-kind and your awning should be, too. At Zimprovements, our designers are here to help you choose the best awning for your space and fully customize it to your needs and style preferences. Working with your home’s décor, they will help you chose the fabric that will compliment your style and make your home stand out.

Going Green
Awnings and shade products provide beauty to your home, protect you from the elements and extend your living area; they also save you some green by helping you “go green”. In most homes, the majority of energy is lost through glass doors and windows. Zimprovement's awnings and shade products help reduce air conditioning costs while providing comfortable shade outside of the house. They are efficient, green, passive home cooling methods which require little to no maintenance, all while beautifying your outdoor living space.

Endless Options
Retractable awnings from Zimprovements can be mounted to your home in many ways. While roof mounting is the most popular and most secure, our trained installers are able to mount your awning against the wall of your home or under the soffit of your home. State of the art designs keep the awnings looking their best whether they are fully extended or partially extended. All of the awnings are fully customizable and can be sized to projections ranging from 4’ 11” all the way to 16’ 5”— large enough to cover even the largest of decks and patios.

Our shade products offer even more options to let you enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to the elements. We have free-standing retractable awnings that can create immediate shade anywhere. Vertical shades offer not only privacy for your enclosed porches, but also relief from the hot summer sun. And the options don’t end here! Pergola canopies and shades, canopies and many other options are available to create the perfect oasis all without leaving the comfort and privacy of your home!

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a designer for a free, no obligation consultation and see how an awning or shade product can create the personal oasis you’ve longed for!

Commercial Awnings Rochester, Minnesota

Make your business stand out with an awning from Zimprovements

Commercial awnings are a perfect addition to any commercial property. Awnings provide functional elegance with decorative appeal. At Zimprovements, we offer many different options to help your business stand out with commercial awnings. People respond to what they see and develop a perception of your business long before they become a customer. Let us help you make a great first impression with an awning that communicates your business identity using custom colors, logos and lettering.

Commercial awnings protect entrances and walkways from the elements in the ever-changing Minnesota weather, as well as shield furnishings and interiors from the harsh sunlight. Commercial awnings also provide an outdoor space that allows you to move your indoor business outdoors. At Zimprovements, we offer great shading solutions for restaurants, wineries, cafes, even bookstores, which allow you to expand your seating capacity and increase your revenue.

Commercial awnings and canopies from Zimprovements not only increase revenue by creating more space, they conserve energy by shading windows and patio doors, which reduces indoor temperatures and lowers energy costs. The installation of an awning or canopy can lower the internal temperature by as much as 10-15 degrees, depending on the exposure of the window, the color of the fabric, the awning style and installation location and can be customized to match your business’s brand and style.

Working with Zimprovements you’re not limited to a few awning selections or choices. We offer many different commercial awning and commercial shade products in a wide array of colors and designs. There are multiple choices of solid or striped patterns in acrylic or vinyl fabrics. Each awning, canopy or shade fabric is durable enough to withstand wind, rain, sun and snow.

Choosing a commercial awning, commercial canopy or commercial shade product makes sense for your business. Contact us today to schedule a free, no obligation design consultation to see the benefit of a commercial awning or shade product for your business today!