Chatfield Garage Floor Coatings

Having a work space at home or in your business that comes with a sturdy and nice looking floor is important. If you notice that your floor is a little cracked or uneven, then now is the time to do something about it. At Polytek Surface Coatings we specialize in helping residents across Chatfield, MN customize the perfect application for their flooring.

Surface Coatings in Chatfield

Our applications can be fitted to all needs including:

  • Residential flooring such as basements, garages, sidewalks, patios and decking needs
  • Commercial properties such as showrooms, kennels, commercial kitchens and restaurants
  • Industrial properties including workshops, warehouses and office space
  • Public areas such as restrooms, shopping malls, daycares and churches

We work with a number of types and designs of coatings to match your specific design needs.