Christmas Lighting Services - Rochester, MN

Christmas is a magical time of the year; people, parties and presents abound. While the pace of life seems to slow down as the snow rolls in, it seems, with each passing year, it becomes more difficult to find the time or the energy to decorate your home during the Christmas season. Red Nose Lighting is the solution! For almost 10 years, our customers have trusted us with their Christmas lighting and decorating needs.

Gone are the days of buying lights every year or untangling old ones only to find half of them no longer work. No more will you have to risk climbing ladders, getting onto icy rooftops or into precarious situations. Our fully insured, highly trained crews take care of the installation each step of the way. Red Nose Lighting makes Christmas lighting truly hassle-free.

As one of the foremost Christmas lighting designers and installers in Southeastern Minnesota, Red Nose Lighting will work with you to design a beautiful lighting display that showcases your home and fits your budget. Our designers work with you to create the lighting display that best suits your style; they are up-to-date on the latest trends so your home’s Christmas lighting will be at its best.

At Red Nose Lighting, not only do we provide you with a beautiful Christmas lighting design, our service lasts the entire season. Our highly trained, fully insured, professional crews provide an efficient installation, proactive in-season maintenance and a timely post-season removal. We are the true end-to-end Christmas lighting and decorating service. Our superior training, unique installation methods and premium, quality products allow us to handle both residential Christmas lighting and commercial Christmas lighting with ease.

We look forward to showing you why so many home and business owners trust us with their Christmas lighting year after year.

Contact us today to schedule a free, no obligation design consultation; we will provide you an exceptional, hassle free Christmas lighting design. Experience the magic of Red Nose Christmas Lighting this year!

“We wish to compliment your two workers who did the installation. They worked very fast together. They were very neat doing their work and cleaned up when finishing the work. You have workers who really know what they are doing!”
— R and D Stone, Spring Grove, MN