Tub to Shower Conversion for Bathrooms in Pine Island, MN

The tub to shower conversion service offered by Better Bath is a commonsense solution in Pine Island bathrooms where a neglected bathtub is stained, out of style, or otherwise unsightly. If you don’t use your bathtub with any regularity, why not transform it into a luxurious shower that complements your bathroom, exudes your style, and fully meets each of your needs.

Each new shower that we offer is custom manufactured to fully meet the precise needs of the homeowner. This means that you’ll have your choice of:

  • Base colors – alabaster white, sandshell beige, quarry topaz, and platinum grey
  • Wall surrounds – several solid colors as well as simulated granites, marble, and tile patterns
  • Optional accessories – recessed soap dishes, corner and tower caddies, safety grab bars, foot pedestals, shelves, and seats

Plus, when you invest in a tub to shower conversion, you can rest assured that your new shower will be of the utmost quality since each of our showers is constructed from 100 percent nonporous acrylic. In fact, we are so confident in the durability of our showers, we guarantee that your new shower will never fade, chip, or peel for as long as you own your home. Our acrylic showers also come with anti-microbial Silver Shield™ technology that withstands the growth and reproduction of mold and mildew, making them extremely low maintenance.

Promote Bathing Safety with a Walk in Tub in Pine Island, MN

A walk in tub for your Pine Island bathroom can go a long way toward improving the safety of the bathroom. In many homes, the bathroom is one of the most common places for household accidents to occur, and these incidents often happen when someone is attempting to get in or out of the bathtub. Taking a big step over the threshold of a tub can be daunting for people of all ages, which is why a walk in tub from Better Bath makes so much sense.

Each walk in tub that we offer has been built to bolster the safety of the bathing experience. Our tubs come standard with several features, such as:

  • A low threshold, tightly sealing door
  • Slip-resistant flooring
  • Slip-resistant seating
  • Safety grab rails
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Quick draining
  • And more

Walk in tubs are perfect for just about anyone. Whether you’re growing older and looking for a practical way to retain your bathing independence, you’re rehabbing from a recent injury or surgery and need to be able to enter and exit the tub more easily, or you’re simply interested in soaking the stress of the day away in a luxurious tub, a walk in tub from Better Bath is a great choice.