Tub to Shower Conversion in Rochester, Minnesota

The tub to shower conversion service offered in Rochester by Better Bath is a great way to transform a neglected bathtub into a gorgeous shower that you’ll be excited to use. Our gorgeous acrylic showers can usually be installed in about a day and come with several notable benefits that make them a worthwhile investment into your home. In many homes, the bathtub is little more than an obstacle to getting and out of the shower. When you consider the potential danger that comes with stepping over a high threshold to enter or exit a tub, it’s no wonder that the bathroom is one of the most common areas for household accidents to occur. Rather than taking this risk, it just makes sense to replace an unused bathtub with a gorgeous shower.

In addition to the safety benefits offered by our tub to shower conversion, our showers are also:

  • Made from nonporous acrylic that resists mold and mildew growth
  • Wont stain, crack, fade, or warp
  • Available with several accessories, including foot pedestals, soap dishes, and more
  • Come in several colors, tile patterns, and other styles

For more information about a tub to shower conversion for your home in Rochester or anywhere else in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.  We also specialize in tub liner products, walk in tubs, and shower liners.

Use a Walk in Tub to Bolster the Safety of Your Bathroom in Rochester, Minnesota

By adding a walk in tub to your bathroom in Rochester, you can help ensure a safer bathing experience in your home. Accidental falls are extremely common in the bathroom because you have to step over a high threshold to get into and out of a tub. By investing in a walk in tub with an easy to use, tightly sealing door, you’re able to enjoy the comforts of a bath without the challenge of safely getting into and out of the tub. At Better Bath, we are dedicated to helping meet the bathing needs of our customers and are pleased to offer extremely safe, high quality walk in tub options.

Our walk in tubs were designed to ensure maximum safety. In addition to featuring a low threshold door, these tubs come standard with a seat you won’t slide out of, slip-resistant flooring, safety grab bars, fast drainage system, and many other features. As a result, our walk in tubs are perfect for individuals from all walks of life, including:

  • Individuals who want to maintain their ability to bathe independently
  • Those with limited mobility or who are recovering from an injury
  • Special needs individuals
  • Those suffering from diabetes or arthritis
  • Homeowners who just want to be able to relax in a comfortable, soothing bathtub
  • And more

In addition to the walk in tub options we offer, we also specialize in several other home bathroom products, including tub liners, shower liners, showers, and much more. Our tub to shower conversion service is another excellent way to increase the safety of the bathroom by transforming a neglected tub into an easy to enter, low threshold shower.

For more information on adding a walk in tub to your home in Rochester, contact us!